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Gotthard Basistunnel

Temporary closure of the Gotthard Base Tunnel

How does the closure of the Gotthard Base Tunnel affect travel…

Excellence Talk: This journey is full of surprises

Dive into the fifth episode of Excellence Talk and explore the majestic Gotthard Panorama Express with us.
Excellence Talk Glacier Express

Excellence Talk: On the World’s slowest Express Train

The Glacier Express was the star of the fourth episode of Excellence Talk, and everyone involved was excited to be a part of the production. 
GoldenPass Express runs again from Montreux to Interlaken

GoldenPass Express runs again up to Interlaken

From Sunday 11th June, the GoldenPass Express runs again once a day without interruption from Montreux to Interlaken and back.

Review: Swiss Travel Pass Promotion

The spring campaign of Swiss Travel System AG was a success on all fronts. Passes were in high demand, and previous sales had never reached these numbers within a one-month period.
Lago di Saosee - Copyright Switzerland Tourism

Swisstainable: Swiss Travel System AG reaches Level 1

Swiss Travel System AG wants to set an example by joining Switzerland Tourism’s “Swisstainable” program this year
Swiss Travel System Price Changes in 2024

Swiss Travel System: Price Changes in 2024

Read all about the price changes coming into effect in 2024.

GoldenPass Express – Technical Issue between Zweisimmen and Interlaken Ost

Currently, the GoldenPass Express operates only between Montreux and Zweisimmen.
Swiss Travel System Sales Manual 2023

Swiss Travel System Sales Manual 2023

Overnight connections, GoldenPass Express information, and insights about Glacier 3000: the latest Sales Manual 2023 is filled to the brink.