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Swiss Travel Pass

Swiss Travel System Ticket Range & Prices 2022

Overview on the product range and prices as of 2022.
Gotthard Panorama Express

Which premium panoramic trains are operating?

Overview of which Swiss premium panoramic trains are running.
Steamboat «Stadt Luzern», Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne's “Stadt Luzern” cruises again

Two and a half years after the start of its revision, the “Stadt Luzern” steams over the lake again.
Swiss Travel System Excellence Program

New: Swiss Travel System Excellence Program

E-learning platform for future Swiss public transport experts: Available now!

Facts & figures about Swiss public transport

A new fact sheet – now available in four languages.

Swiss Travel System Sales Manual 2021

The Swiss Travel System Sales Manual is now available as download and online version. It contains all trade-related information around Swiss public transport in 2021. The Sales Manual 2021 is available as digital version only. It answers…
Ceneri Base Tunnel

Commissioning of the Ceneri Base Tunnel

With the commissioning of the Ceneri Base Tunnel and the first scheduled long-distance train to pass through on December 13, 2020, the New Alpine Transversal (NEAT) is complete. On the day of the timetable change, the Ceneri Base Tunnel will…

Eiger Express: Inauguration of the new V-Cableway

47 minutes faster to the Jungfraujoch, Europe’s highest train station – this will already apply from the inauguration of the new V-Cableway on 05 December 2020, and thus earlier than planned. The mega project in the Jungfrau region owes…