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News (last update: 13.07.2021)

Night trains – sustainability in style.

Title: Night trains – sustainability in style.

Text module: It’s certainly no secret that railways are the most environmentally friendly means of motorised transport. With increasing environmental awareness and concerns about the planet’s sustainability also the demand for night trains is increasing. Find out how the night trains have developed – from the Orient Express to the comfortable Nightjet.


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To Switzerland while dreaming.

Title: Night trains: An overview.

Text module: Connected in the heart of Europe: right after Vienna, Zurich is currently the second-largest hub for night train traffic in Europe. Guests travel to the Alpine nation directly from Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Graz, Budapest, Prague and Zagreb – and back. With sweet dreams and in highest comfort.


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New elearning program.

Text module: Welcome aboard! Heidi and Peter take trade specialists on a virtual learning journey through Swiss public transport. In the process, agents can broaden their knowledge in an entertaining way and acquire essential public transport know-how to support their clients professionally and competently. Everything is quick and easy: the fascinating world of train, bus and boat is always at your fingertips.


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The Swiss Travel System is getting ready.

Text module: Locomotives are being meticulously cleaned and facilities spruced up: preparations for the summer season are in full swing. The entire Swiss Travel System is getting ready to welcome you back. The sky is the limit!


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Year-round topics

5 reasons to travel by train, bus and boat.

Text module: Easy change, convenient services and a sheer endless variety of transportation – all of this unfailingly accompanied by an impressive scenery and pure “swissness”. There are many reasons why public transport is the best way to experience Graubünden – and the rest of Switzerland. Here are the Top 5.


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"I feel like a kid again".

Text module: Switzerland, a land of superb mountain landscapes. But how to squeeze the very best out of a holiday in Switzerland? Jeff Wilson, American TV presenter, does some research and shares his own very personal tips with you in 10 short clips. Follow Jeff on his adventures through Switzerland by train, bus and boat and experience Swiss public transport through the eyes of an American. In the interview he also reveals, why he keeps coming back to the small Alpine nation. Interview as well as videos on

Link: insights

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Like clockwork: Swiss Railways.

Text module: At Swiss railway stations, one minute lasts exactly 58.9 seconds. Why? Before 1944, the station clocks in Switzerland did not all show the exact same time. For that reason, Hans Hilfiker developed a clock with a red minute hand that stops for a moment in order to restart in synchrony with the minute hand of the main clock. Impulses are transmitted to all station clocks – and thus they have been ticking “in step” with each other ever since 1944.

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To the World Heritage Sites by public transport.

Text module: The small Alpine nation is proud to be home to no fewer than 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of them is even “negotiable” by train: the panoramic Albula and Bernina Line with its landmark, the Landwasser Viaduct. Since 2008, it has had the privilege to carry the title “UNESCO”. Explore Europe’s highest Alpine traversal – and all other World Heritage Sites – comfortably by train!


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From the city centre to the mountains.

Text module: Enjoying breakfast in an old town café, stopping by at a mountain hut for lunch and dancing to the rhythm of the city in the evening: unthinkable in other countries, part of everyday life in Switzerland. Swiss summits are within easy and comfortable reach for guest – thanks to short distances and the superbly developed public transport network.

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A respite – for you as well as nature.

Text module: A holiday should be restful. That also goes for the time spent travelling. Arriving in a relaxed state and refuelling during the journey means getting more out of one’s vacation. By train, you can lean back, unwind and be amazed – and protect the climate at the same time.

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Climate-friendly on the road.

Text module: By public transport, your journey through Switzerland will be a relaxed one – and climate-friendly to boot, for the train is the most eco-friendly motorised transportation. The Gornergrat Railway, for example, stores electricity on its way down the mountain in order to feed two out of three ascents without any additional energy input. Learn more about examples such as this one at:

Link: 11 way of travelling climate friendly in Switzerland

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Inspiration for Newsletters

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Couple hug with nightjet in the background (© ÖBB / Harald Eisenberger)

Night trains – sustainability in style

Increasing environmental awareness has made its comeback.
Gornergrat Railway in Zermatt, Valais

Zermatt – A breather for holidaymakers and nature

How to spend holidays in Zermatt with a view to sustainability.

Travelling in Switzerland: 10 insights

Jeff Wilson answers some of the most important questions travellers have about Swiss public transport.
Christmas market at Zurich main station

9 Christmas Markets along the Grand Train Tour

Many of Swiss Christmas Markets are located right next to or directly in railway stations.
New SBB menu

New SBB menu: A culinary journey through Switzerland

Regional seasonal dishes and a wine that is produced exclusively for SBB passengers – these are features of the new SBB menu.

8 Swiss places you can only reach by public transport

Locations that offer a uniquely exclusive piece of Switzerland.
Gornergrat Railway

Zermatt photo spots – as if made for Instagram

Zermatt nestles against the foot of the majestic Matterhorn – impressive mountain and undeniably, photo subject number 1 of Switzerland. However, where exactly does this landmark mountain present its best side? Find all the top photo spots…
Lost, found & delivered!

Lost, found & delivered!

The story of a lost wedding ring that was brought back to its owner – across the border.
Boat ride on Lake Geneva

No car? No problem! A Lausanne Guide.

On the road by train and boat – in and around Lausanne.