Luggage Transport Services to Switzerland

From any airport around the world, the guest’s luggage travels via Zurich airport to its destination railway station or hotel in Switzerland.

Flight luggage foreign airport to station

Regardless of which airline passengers have chosen and from which international airport they arrive in Switzerland: Via Zurich airport, their luggage travels to 20 selected destination railway stations throughout Switzerland the day after arrival – all thanks to the “flight luggage foreign airport to station” service.
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Express flight luggage foreign airport to door

Even more convenient: the “Express flight luggage foreign airport to door” service, transporting the guest’s luggage directly to the desired hotel. This service is possible to 20 Swiss tourism hotspots.
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Group luggage

For groups of ten or more travellers, SBB is happy to issue an individualised offer.
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Documents and Downloads

All Media and Trade information as well as pictures, videos and maps regarding luggage are available here.