At the very heart of Switzerland, a world record holding technical innovation awaits: the world’s steepest funicular leads from Schwyz up to Stoos.

Since its opening in December 2017, this magnet for visitors has delighted countless national as well as international guests. The cabins of the funicular are unique: They perfectly adapt to the extreme gradient in such a way that the standing platform remains perfectly level at all times, making the ride very comfortable for the passengers. With a gradient of up to 110 percent (47 degrees) no mean feat!

Nestling in the Alpine landscape of Central Switzerland, the small holiday village of Stoos sits at roughly 1,300 metres altitude. With the new funicular, 1,500 passengers can be transported hourly – some 500 more than with the old funicular. That’s thanks to the very short travel time of three to five minutes.

  • Altitude when arriving at the Stoos Railway summit station: 1,300 m a.s.l
  • Arrival: to Stoos on the world’s steepest funicular
  • Travel duration to summit: 3-5 minutes
  • Attractions: skiing and hiking area Stoos-Muotatal
  • Special highlight: leisure activities
  • Website: Stoos
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Stoos funicular operates year-round, from Schwyz every 30 minutes

The Stoos funicular is fully included in the Swiss Travel Pass (Flex) and GA travelcard.

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