Group Luggage

Many groups travel through Switzerland by tour coach. The most common argument against travelling by train, bus and boat is the issue of luggage transportation for an entire group. With the incentive of an attractive group luggage offer, groups are hoped to be won over to Swiss public transport.

Express Foreign-Airport-to-Door Group Luggage

This service is suitable for groups of 10 persons with a maximum of 50 pieces of luggage. It is available from any airport abroad to any Swiss address, including car-free destinations. The flight must land at Zurich airport by 11.30h latest. Geneva airport is excluded for this service. The luggage is delivered from 18.00h. The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) will assume responsibility for booking, transportation and accounting.

More information in the fact sheet.

Express Door-to-Door Group Luggage

Express Group Luggage door to door is available for groups from 10 persons with a maximum of 50 pieces of luggage travelling in Switzerland by train, bus and boat. This offer is available for luggage shipments between any Swiss address including Zurich Airport. Luggage hand-over by 09.00h at the latest guarantees delivery by 18.00h the same day. Booking, transport and payment is handled by SBB AG.

  • Price per transport CHF 300 (net price without commission)
  • Booking is required at least five working days prior to transport date
  • Booking: online via, per email [email protected] or telephone +41 (0)51 285 30 00
  • Additional services on request at dividualised pricing
  • Prices and services expressly subject to change

More information in the fact sheet.