Every year, thousands of visitors travel across the “country of cheese and chocolate” by train, bus and boat. And each of them has their own story to tell. We collected the most beautiful ones.

Gary Tam and Danny Chan (both 30), students from Hong Kong

“It’s always been our plan to visit this much-praised country. We know each other from our University in Hong Kong. Now we’ve reached the destination of our dreams. We’ll spend ten full days in Switzerland. With the Swiss Travel Pass, we’ll visit all the locations we’ve read so much about in Hong Kong. Lucerne, the Jungfrau, the Matterhorn, Geneva. It’s amazing how comfortable the 2nd class here is. We wonder how luxurious the 1st call must be in these coaches! We don’t just want to explore the touristic hotspots of Switzerland. We want to taste the national cuisine, too. We’ve already enjoyed a fondue, and in Zermatt we’ll certainly take a bite of a ‘Toblerone’ chocolate – with a view of the Matterhorn.”


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