New SBB menu: A culinary journey through Switzerland

New SBB menu

The new menu in the dining cars and bistros of SBB resembles a culinary journey through Switzerland and scores with even more freshly prepared regional and seasonal dishes. A special highlight: the Swiss wine that is bottled exclusively for SBB.

Travelling by train isn’t just about the beautiful panoramic views – the most scenic lines in Switzerland combine perfectly with the culinary highlights of the country.

SBB relies on Swiss wines

The new menu offers only Swiss wines. The most exclusive of these is without a doubt the “Merveille des Roches” from Aigle: This wine doesn’t make it to many glasses, but only those of SBB guests.

The award-winning classic is bottled by the cooperatively oriented winery “Les Celliers du Chablais”, which was founded in 1904. It processes grapes from 130 wine growers relying on biological methods. The vines have an average age of 25 years and are grown in the areas of the French Haute-Savoie and the Swiss Cantons of Vaud and Valais. SBB also offers wines from Eastern Switzerland and the Cantons of Ticino and Jura on its menu.

Seasonal and vegan dishes

Fitting the selected Swiss wines, the menu offers a varied assortment of regional dishes, such as a Risotto Ticinese, Fruit Nectar from Valais or Zurich Ragout, all freshly prepared and served. The new menu also includes several seasonal soups and the popular Swiss “Birchermüesli”, served with fresh fruits of the season. Delicious vegan snacks and salads, inviting guests to linger and enjoy, have also been included in the new menu.

SBB restaurants and bistros can be found on IC and EC trains marked with the respective pictogram. They are open from 06.30h to 21.00h. Many of the delicious dishes can be picked up at the restaurant or bistro and enjoyed at the seat.

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