“Back to the roots” – from Green Bay to Elm

Voices of Tourists - Rhyner

Every year, thousands of visitors travel across the “country of cheese and chocolate” by train, bus and boat. And each of them has their own story to tell. We collected the most beautiful ones.

Charles and Lenora Rhyner (both 78), both retired physics teacher, Wisconsin, USA

“It’s quite a long journey from Green Bay, Wisconsin, to the small Glarus mountain village of Elm. On the trail of my great-great-grandfather, who left Switzerland for the US in 1848, Swiss public transport comes in very handy. On the day we arrived, my wife and I travelled from Zurich Kloten directly to the village of my ancestors by train and boat – all in just under two hours. I was amazed. There’s no way something like that could be done in the US. Here in Switzerland, even the remotest places are served punctually and reliably by public transportation. Right now, the Voralpen-Express and SBB are taking us safely to Lugano.”



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