Influencer Summit 2021

Media Kit

Gotthard Panorama Express – the panoramic journey from Ticino to Lucerne


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Messages during Summit:

  • Switzerland Tourism (ST) is the national marketing and sales organisation for Switzerland as a destination for vacations, travel and conferences.
  • Showcase Switzerland as the perfect summer destination for vacation, as well as to showcase our partner SWISS (national airline of Switzerland) as the ideal getaway to Switzerland and STS (Swiss Travel System) for getting around within public transportation.
  • Show your community what Switzerland – in particular the destination Ticino and the four post-convention destinations (Scuol, Fribourg, Jura & Trois-Lacs, Winterthur) – have to offer and trigger inspiration and enthusiasm in your community.


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Main Message 

Sustainability in public transport: By public transport, guest enjoy carefree travel across Switzerland – and it is even climate-friendly. Also the arrival by train from neighbouring countries guarantees a pleasant start into the holiday: convenient, fast, comfortable and climate-friendly. Trains emit fewer CO2 than any other motorised means of transportation.

Further Messages

  • Enjoy the convenience of the Swiss Travel System with the “all-in-one” ticket Swiss Travel Pass.
  • The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland combines the most beautiful panoramic train lines and highlights.
  • 5 reasons to travel by train, bus and boat:


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Messages during Summit:

  • Serving more than 100 destinations in 44 countries with around 99 technically advanced aircrafts
  • SWISS offers its customers a global range of destinations together with its Star Alliance partners.
  • The airline aims to make every flight a pleasant and memorable experience by maintaining high standards, friendly service and a keen eye for detail.
  • Being the skiers’ airline of choice we are happy to transport your first set of skis/snowboard and boots free of charge in addition to your standard free baggage allowance.


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Messages during Summit:

Show your community that Ticino is the perfect destination for vacation. Here opposites fuse together in complete harmony: palm trees and glaciers, la dolce vita and extreme sport, ancient churches and modern architecture, Swiss quality and Italian lifestyle.

  • It’s easy to reach and move around Ticino: Ticino is easily reached by train from the main Swiss cities (Zurich – Lugano: less than two hours) and boasts an extensive public transport network, which makes it very easy to move around.
  • #ticinomoments – “Small moments, a great experience”: Ticino is made up of small moments that come together to form a great experience. Admiring the sunset from Lido di Lugano, climbing onto the roof of a small church to admire the view from San Salvatore: these unique moments, #ticinomoments, make a stay in Ticino unforgettable.
  • Lugano Region -Dolce Vita under Swiss palm trees: Lugano is uniquely situated on the lake by the same name, overlooked by Monte Brè and Monte San Salvatore, and enjoys a mild climate with lush vegetation. The town blends business, elegance and international status with a relaxed southern lifestyle.
  • Bellinzona and valleys – a hiker’s paradise: With its thousands of kilometres of marked paths and trails, the Bellinzona and valleys region is an unrivalled playground for outdoor activities. But the Piora valley in the northern part of it offers more than just a breath-taking landscape, the high Alpine paradise has 20 lakes, 42 pools and fenlands, as well as 58 watercourses with a rich flora and fauna.
  • Ascona-Locarno – where glamour meets nature: Often referred to as the “jewel of Lake Maggiore”, Ascona is renowned worldwide as a favorite Swiss holiday destination with a wide selection of luxury hotels and high-calibre cultural offerings. The Ascona-Locarno region is blessed with the mildest climate in Switzerland and is a perfect destination all year round.
  • Mendrisiotto –The Tuscany of Switzerland: Thick chestnut and beech woods, lush vineyards and bright green pastures: The Mendrisio region (also known as the “Mendrisiotto”) is a balm for the soul and a feast for the eyes, its beauty reflected in Lake Lugano. The ridges und romantic hills of the Mendrisiotto rise and turn, peaking at Monte Generoso and Monte San Giorgio (UNESCO world heritage site)
  • FreeTravel with the «Ticino Ticket«: With the “Ticino Ticket”, tourists will be able to use all public transport free of charge as well as being granted special rates for various leisure activities. This offer is for visitors who stay overnight in hotels, youth hostels and on camping sites.

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