Distribution systems

We offer various distribution options for the purchase of our products. Our Market Managers will be happy to advise and assist you in selecting the distribution channel best suited to your requirements.

Browse the online version of our Sales Manual here. The PDF is available for download under "Documents & Downloads".

The current distribution systems for partners will make way for the AgentClient and WebService as of December 2017. Our Market Managers look forward to informing and supporting you.

Direct access via Railticketing
Railticketing is an integrated and easily accessible booking system. Via the Internet, you can access the user-friendly interface of railticketing.ch.
Partner Affiliate Programme
Purchase your tickets through these partners:

Purchase through partners on the market
Some 70 partners across Europe work successfully with our Railticketing sales system. You can therefore purchase our products manually from these partners and ask to be billed accordingly. Worldwide Swiss Travel System sales outlets

In following countries/regions our distributor Rail Europe operates a local B2B website for an easy and direct online purchase for the travel trade:

US, Canada, Mexico & Central America

Asean (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, South East Asia)


South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia)

South Africa (Namibia, Botswana, South Africa)


Middle East (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, U.A.E, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Sultanete Oman)

Rest of the World

For a list of all sales outlets with rail experts in 50 countries please consult raileurope.fr/wheretobuy