Pilatus: a virtual and interactive mountain tour

Pilatus: 360° map

There are two ways to reach Pilatus by public transport – a new, interactive 360° map displays both of them and inspires guests with ideas for activities on and around this mountain.

From the summit of Pilatus, visitors enjoy a stunning 360° panorama of the surrounding mountain world as well as Lake Lucerne – and not only in real life: the new, interactive map offers plenty of information and inspiration. Areal drone views and videos of various activities as well as links to booking and reservation portals are available. This gives guests a unique foretaste and allows them to explore the mountain from the comfort of their own living room, so that they may experience it for real later on.

By the way, those who own a pair of virtual reality goggles get to move around even more intuitively on the virtual version of Pilatus.