New on Pilatus: “Dragon World”

Pilatus Dragon Ride

The dragon from the Pilatus legend is alive! At least in a virtual way: as of now, visitors to the Pilatus Kulm get a chance to find out all about – and experience – the dragon legend. The fascinating interactive round tour invites visitors to become engrossed in games of skill and intrigued by impressive effects – in all weathers.

Guests are guided through the story by means of short texts in German and English. They receive the first item of information already at the entrance to the Dragon Forum. Then, in six acts, they become immersed in the dragon adventure. Those who venture downstairs are greeted by a cave setting: about 16 projectors succeed in conjuring up a different era around the visitors.

The goal is to give visitors an idea about the fascinating story behind the Pilatus dragon – and let them get active in the process. The round tour is designed to be completed within roughly 15 minutes.

Get more information in the video below and here.