Grand Train Tour: 6 travel suggestions

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland is known to have no prescribed direction or duration – travellers can hop on and off as they please. Six travel suggestions now offer vacationers concrete ideas how best to experience the Grand Train Tour depending on their personal time frame and interests.

An overview of the travel suggestions:

  • “Original”: The entire Grand Train Tour of Switzerland (8 days)
  • “Classic”: Picturesque villages and cities, sights and landmarks, and all panoramic lines (7 days)
  • “Top Attractions”: All the top sights, landmarks, destinations and railway lines of Switzerland (5 days)
  • “Glaciers & Palm Trees”: From glaciers to palm trees (4 days)
  • “Stunning Waters”: Along lakes, rivers and waterfalls (3 days)
  • “Hidden Treasures”: Charming cities, pastoral hills and Mediterranean grottos (3 days)

The travel suggestions can be purchased as packages at special B2B conditions via Switzerland Travel Centre and Railtour. For system partners, there is also the possibility to obtain tailor-made tickets.

For detailed routing and maps for the individual travel suggestions, please turn to the fact sheet.

Please find more information about the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland here.