Communication & Sales Toolbox

Find all details as well as material to support sales and communication during the Swiss Travel Pass Global Promotion 2021 here.

Summary of the promotion

Between 11 November and 11 December 2021, you are authorised to pass on to your clients a discount of 25% on the Swiss Travel Pass (including Flex). The first day of validity can be selected up to 11 months from the issuing date. Furthermore, the pass remains cancellable until 1 day prior to departure. Thus, nothing stands in the way of careful, long-term travel planning.

Overview of terms

  25% discount on the STS gross product range Swiss Travel Pass (incl. Flex)
  Commission according to agreement
  1st and 2nd class
  Global promotion (POS Switzerland excluded)
  Selling and promotion time: 11 November to 11 December 2021 (B2C communication as of 01 November / B2B as of now)
  Travel time: 1st day of validity is 11 months from the issuing date at the latest
  Cancellation of the passes possible until 1 day prior to departure*
  Excluded are: Net Swiss Travel Pass and Swiss Half Fare Card

*In case of cancellation, the Swiss Travel System AG offers free refund until 1 day prior to the first day of validity. Please communicate any deviating cancellation policies of your own to your clients.

Price list and product numbers

Product numbers (relevant for WebService partners):

40062 Swiss Travel Pass Promo 3 days
40063 Swiss Travel Pass Promo 4 days
40064 Swiss Travel Pass Promo 8 days
40065 Swiss Travel Pass Promo 15 days
40066 Swiss Travel Pass Flex Promo 3 days
40067 Swiss Travel Pass Flex Promo 4 days
40068 Swiss Travel Pass Flex Promo 8 days
40069 Swiss Travel Pass Flex Promo 15 days

Text modules and pictures to support your B2C promotion

Find a selection of text blocks, headlines, and picture material here. That way, you can readily prepare your own promotion for November and December 2021.

Please use the following examples of advertisements and online banners as inspiration for your own campaign:

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

What could be better than to use the discounted Swiss Travel Pass for a long-desired journey along the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland? The diverse sections of the tour offer something for everyone – and the Swiss Travel Pass covers the entire tour (excl. reservation fees on premium panoramic trains).

Questions? Requests?

Your responsible STS market manager is happy to support you in case of queries or with the implementation of the promotion on your channels.