Rides by train, bus and boat are especially impressive in winter. Trains wind their way through a delightful winter wonderland and offer guests breathtaking views. There has been plenty of snowfall in Switzerland during the past weeks. For safety reasons, certain train routes may therefore be closed for a period of time or served by replacement buses.

Swiss public transport companies do their utmost to make sure that passengers reach their destinations safely, in winter just as in every other season. Guests are advised to check the current operating situation before arriving in Switzerland and during their travels here.

Via sbb.ch/166, up-to-date information about the current state of operation regarding all means of public transport is available – whether on rail, road, waterway or mountain railway.

The Swiss Travel System Sales Manual is now available as download and online version. It contains all trade-related information around Swiss public transport in 2019.

The Sales Manual 2019 is now ready for download. It answers questions about topics such as the ticket range, arrival from neighbouring countries, or luggage services. Furthermore, the Sales Manual provides timetables for the premium panoramic trains as well as information regarding the most scenic mountain excursions and the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

Detailed sales information regarding trade-related topics of the Swiss Travel System in one document:


The area of validity of the Swiss Travel Pass will not be adjusted for 2019 and will remain unchanged compared to 2018. The mountain railways Brunni, Rigi, Schilthorn and Stanserhorn remain 100% included in the Swiss Travel Pass.

The Federal Office of Transport (FOT) has revised the decision to adjust the area of validity taken by the public transport panels. According to the FOT, Brunni, Rigi, Schilthorn and Stanserhorn thus remain 100% included in the area of validity of the Swiss Travel Pass.

Visitors continue to receive a 50% discount on all other mountain railways (exception: Jungfraujoch 25%). According to our previous communication, the prices for the Swiss Travel Pass will be raised by an average of 5% in 2019.

As a result of this decision, STS AG needs to produce new versions of the already printed brochures Swiss Travel System Map 2019 and STS Area of Validity Map 2019. The new print material should be available and ready for ordering via sts.antalis.ch before the end of February 2019.

Electronic versions of the brochures for 2019 are available in our “Downloads section:



STS Area of Validity Map 2019 1.19 MB 238 downloads



As a temporary solution, the STS Area of Validity Map 2018 may be handed out with the sale of Swiss Travel System tickets.

There are numerous Christmas markets of sparkling beauty along the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland. Many of these Christmas markets are located right in or next to a train station, making their visit a perfect companion for the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland in the wintertime.

It’s back – the most beautiful time of the year! The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland is particularly delightful during the winter months: snow-clad hills, frozen lakes and festively illuminated Christmas markets.

Thanks to direct train connections from the neighbouring countries to Swiss cities, passengers arrive right at the heart of the action in no time. In Zurich, for example: The Christmas magic enchants visitors the very moment they step off the train.

Guests can stroll around some 150 market stalls and marvel at a 15-metre-high Christmas tree adorned with no fewer than 7,000 Swarovski crystals in the great hall of Zurich main station.


For technical and logistical reasons, the train composition and course of the Chocolate Train will see the following changes as of May 2019:

  • From 2019, the train composition will include only Belle Époque coaches. The newly renovated coaches are air-conditioned and provide comfortable travel conditions even in high summer.
  • After the MOB route section from Montreux to Montbovon (with a serving of coffee and chocolate rolls), passengers will now change to a bus.
  • These changes will have an effect on the timetable: The train leaves Montreux roughly 15 minutes earlier. Because of the direct return journey from the Chocolate factory by bus, the overall travel time can be significantly reduced. The new planned arrival time will be around 16.15h (as opposed to 17.26h in 2018).
  • The railway section from Montreux to Montbovon can now be travelled in 2nd class as well as 1st class with the added benefit of reduced travel costs in 2nd class.
  • In addition to the journey on the Chocolate Train and Bus plus snack, the excursion also includes free admission to the show dairy “La Maison du Gruyères” with guided tour and cheese sampling as well as free admission to the chocolate factory “La Maison Cailler” with guided tour and chocolate degustation. 

The Chocolate Train operates between May and October. The days of operation remain unchanged. Seat reservation, via national or international systems, is required and can be done as of three months prior to the travel date.

Please turn to the fact sheet below for more details regarding the changes in the Chocolate Train service as well as timetable and fare information.



Fact Sheet - Chocolate Train 2019 1.64 MB 10 downloads


Just in time for the start of the winter season 2018/2019, the world’s highest 3S cableway (three-cable system) goes into operation, leading up to the Klein Matterhorn near Zermatt.

Very special highlights of this state-of-the-art cableway are the four “Crystal ride” cabins with their glass floors. Apart from a fashionable ride, they offer passengers a breath-taking view downward.

A genuine thrill ride

The cabins go by the name of “Crystal Ride”. They are the undisputed attractions of the highest and most modern three-cable system cableway (3S cableway) in the world. During the nine-minute ascent to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise (Klein Matterhorn), these four special cabins reveal a spectacular view: Three minutes into the ride, at around 170 metres above ground, the opaque glass floor suddenly clears and in a matter of seconds opens up the magnificent view onto the glacier scape.

Roughly 280’000 Swarovski crystals embellish four of the 25 cabins of the new “Matterhorn Glacier Rides”. Each cabin offers 28 comfortable and spacious seats, inspired by car design and made from leather and Alcantara. The cabin ceiling with more than 13 square metres of star-like LED lamps makes for a very special atmosphere inside the cabin.

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The public transport winter season of 2018/19 will be surprising and sophisticated.

Winter 2019 promises to be glamorous: With the new Excellence Class of Glacier Express, this popular panoramic trip becomes even more impressive. A glamorous atmosphere of a slightly different kind greets visitors at the festively illuminated Christmas markets along the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

Guests who prefer a cosier outlook choose a temporary „winter sleep“ in their private igloo at high altitude on Alp Engstlingen. Those who appreciate culinary delights are treated to a delicious fondue at the igloo restaurant on Schilthorn, all against the fantastic backdrop of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Undecided? Get inspiration from the Swiss Travel Guide app, the perfect digital companion for travel by train, bus and boat!

Find further interesting news regarding the winter season 2018/19 and important information about Swiss Travel System price and product range adjustments for 2019 in the theme text “Winter news 2019”, available for download now.


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Here are the most important news regarding timetable, fares and the panoramic coaches of the Gotthard Panorama Express.

  • The Gotthard Panorama Express operates from 19 April (Good Friday) to 20 October 2019, from Tuesday to Sunday respectively (including major public holidays).
  • Passengers now exclusively travel in 1st class panoramic coaches. No 2nd class will be available on the train. Passengers with a 2nd class ticket need to buy a class upgrade for the train ride. The boat cruise continues to be available in 1st and 2nd class.
  • The surcharge remains mandatory. Since no reduced surcharges are offered for sections of the route anymore, a flat rate surcharge of CHF 16 is applicable for all passengers.
  • The photo coach is now situated in the middle of the train. It is no longer possible to reserve seats in the photo coach.

More information and highlights regarding Gotthard Panorama Express 2019 are available for download in the factsheet “Preview Gotthard Panorama Express 2019”.

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As part of the further development of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland (GTToS), the current brand positioning, as well as the existing logo and route guidance, have been modified.

The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland has combined the most beautiful panoramic routes in Switzerland into a unique route. For the further development of the popular brand the following changes have been made:

  • The brand appears in a fresher and more modern look. As the re-designed Grand Train Tour of Switzerland logo now more closely resembles the Grand Tour of Switzerland logo, the brands can complement each other and benefit from one another as equals.
  • The main route of Grand Train Tour of Switzerland was established in 2015. Now it has been modified to include partial routes and the option of extending or shortening the route. This way a guest can only select certain sections or shorten the round trip depending on how much time he/she has available.
  • For the worldwide and national marketing communication of GTToS, partner platforms that target trade and media, as well as end customers, will be used. Therefore, primarily platforms of communication and distribution partners, as well as of offer providers along the route, will be used.

Additional information for use of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland brand elements (logo, map, key visual), the map (distance and length of the route), as well as suggested communication texts, can be found in the new Brand Manual.

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Swiss Federal Railways have launched the full version of the SBB VR app on 14 August 2018 to enable users to experience Swiss tourism using virtual reality (VR).

The VR app is intended as a platform for inspiration (videos, stories, etc.) relating to Swiss destinations and the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

Experience Switzerland from home

The app provides customers with inspiration for leisure trips to a variety of destinations in Switzerland, all in virtual reality. Among others, it shows the spectacular railway journeys of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland in 360 degrees.

For the moment, the following routes are included:

  • St. Gallen – Schaffhausen
  • Luzern – Interlaken – Montreux
  • Gotthard Panorama Express: Lugano – Flüelen – Luzern

Also, new adventures in Arosa, Luzern, Mount Pilatus, Zurich, Lugano and Zermatt have been added and there are ongoing plans to develop the app further. Glasses are not needed to use the SBB VR app. However, in order to experience the full range of features available, using Cardboard or Samsung Gear glasses is recommended.

Where to download the SBB VR app

The app can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Oculus Store. It is available in German, French, Italian and English.

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