Swiss Travel System Excellence Program.

Welcome on board!

The new Swiss Travel System Excellence Program is the new e-learning platform for people who want to know all about Switzerland. Heidi and Peter accompany trade experts on a virtual learning experience about Switzerland’s vast public transport system. By doing so, agents expand their knowledge in a fun way and learn the fundamentals of public transport. This allows them to serve their clients even better — in a professional and competent manner.

4 reasons why you should register:

You experience a modern and entertaining e-learning program.

You participate in periodic raffles and can win attractive prizes.

You bring your know-how up to date year after year.

You become a Swiss Travel System Excellence Expert – free of charge.

How it works:

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Step aboard the Swiss Travel System Excellence Program.

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Select a module of your choice and begin your learning journey.

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Take tests and compare your current learning score to that of other participants.

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Receive the diploma as “Swiss Travel System Excellence Expert”! On top of that, you can win attractive prizes.